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Welcome to the Library Annex

The Library Annex is a state-of-the-art high-density facility with a climate controlled environment  of 50-55⁰ F and 30-35% relative humidity. 

The Annex consists of five modules. The first module was built in 1978 and has 3 stories with grated floor for air ventilation. The second module was built in 1997 and is a high-bay storage facility with 30’ high stack areas.  Three subsequent modules were built in 2004.

The Library Annex is a clean and secure home for library materials in various formats.   Access to materials is provided by electronic and physical document delivery with a 24-hour turn-around time or by the use of an on-site reading room equipped with wireless access, computers, printer, copiers, and microform readers.  

Currently, the Library Annex serves primarily as a storage facility for lesser-used materials from the on-campus collections of CUL.  The Library Annex also carries significant responsibilities for housing  and preserving the Rare and Manuscript Collections print heritage materials.  The Library Annex is committed to providing adequate protection and security for this historic material. 

The Library Annex is located on Bookbank Drive (take Route 366 to Palm Rd, near the Cornell apple orchard).


Library Annex Information E-mail:

Phone: (607) 253-3431


209 Bookbank Dr, Ithaca, NY, 14850